Clinical Networks

North West AHP network

The North West AHP Network was established to provide professional leadership, advice and expertise, to enable the national, regional and local strategic and policy agenda to be influenced by AHPs.

The forum engages AHPs in a collaborative network, providing support for the AHP workforce to deliver excellent healthcare and health improvement for patients and service users.

The membership is primarily composed of AHPs, but other professional representatives and strategic leads will also be eligible to attend meetings. Members will be drawn from the following organisations:
  • NHS providers of care (acute, community and mental health)
  • Non NHS providers of NHS funded health and social care
  • Local authority providers of health and social care
  • Education providers
  • NHS commissioning organisations
Aims of the AHP Network are to:
  • Work collaboratively with other professional networks through the North West Centre for Professional Workforce Development (CPWD)
  • Promote and support clinical leadership and engagement across AHPs
  • Communicate, consult and engage with a wide range of AHPs, through the NW AHP website, bulletins and local AHP forums
  • Support the development and implementation of the NW AHP Workforce Board work plan to ensure that the AHP workforce has the right skills, values and behaviours
  • Drive innovation through the sharing of good practice
  • Support service commissioners by identifying AHP solutions to local commissioning priorities
  • Implement national AHP priorities through local discussions and analysis
The North West AHP Workforce Board was established in 2008 to act as a strategic reference group that can focus on a broad range of issues to support the AHP workforce and can provide NHS North West with workforce and education commissioning intelligence.

This includes:
  • Advising on AHP workforce strategic issues, including workforce modernisation and workforce planning
  • Advising on the commissioning of education for AHPs
  • Contributing to the quality assurance and performance management of education commissioned NHS North West
  • Contributing to the development of a continuing professional development strategy
  • Contributing to the strategic clinical placements agenda
  • Contributing to the inter-professional learning agenda
The Board is composed of AHPs from across the North West, covering the range of stakeholders, including health and social care providers, higher education and the Strategic Health Authority.

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